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Questions & Answers

Q - What are the sizes of the blocks?

A - The blocks range in size from 500 square metres for a villa style block up to 996square metres. The average size within Beyond is 600 square metres.

Q - How can we be assured the wetlands will never be residentially developed?

A - There is an encumbrance/indenture over land ensuring the land use of the wet and vegetated areas remains the same. The intent is to place the land under heritage order, however this takes some time to achieve.

Q - What about the mosquitos?

A - The natural ecosystem will establish an abundance of fish and fauna that will control the mosquito larvae. The ability to continue water movement through these wetlands will also be possible via three bores on site. The wetlands have already been tested and are rated some of the highest quality in the state, encouraging bio-diversity that in eat the larvae, and they are protected from grey or black water systems to ensure this quality remains. In short, mosquitos will not be a problem.

Q & A's
Q - Who will maintain all the extra open space throughout the residential area?

A - The developer has agreed to manage this for a minimum of 3 years, above the required 12 months. After this period the Alexandrina Council will take over.

Q - When can I access a site to start to build?

A - Sites are now accessible for construction.

Q - How will you enforce the encumbrances and design guidelines?

A - Without developer approval of construction plans no building can be commenced. Council will not look at plans for constructions within Beyond prior the developers stamp of approval. Penalties will exist for non-compliance.

Q - Where is the closest swimming beach?

A - The closest swimming beach is just 200-300 metres from the edge of the Beyond development. A walking/bike path connects Beyond with Chiton Rocks beach. Throughout summer and holiday periods this is a flagged swimming area.

Q - When will the development be completed?

A - There are only 2 stages of sales to go and then the remaining homes to be constructed, it is expected that the development would be complete sometime in 2016. Including the construction of the Fleurieu Indoor Aquatic Facility.

Q - When will the wetlands be excavated?

A - All the wetlands have been completed except for the wetland that will be developed by the indoor swimming complex.

Q - There have been concerns expressed about over-development of the area. Do you believe that's the case?

A - We believe there is scope for the South Coast region to continue to grow. However, any such growth needs to be in keeping with the semi-rural feel of the region and not just development for development's sake. That's why we've placed a very high premium on giving something back to the community by building wetlands and incorporating considerable open space (almost 75 per cent of the total site area) as part of Beyond Today.

Q - How will I gain access from the bikeway across the main road to the beach?

A - A road underpass has already been constructed by the developer creating a direct link from the Beyond wetlands walkway to the Watson Gap estuary and the beach. The beach is located only a 5 minute walk from homes within Beyond.

Q - Will cats and dogs be allowed in the development?

A - Residents will need to comply with Alexandrina Council's pet laws with the exemption of cats. Cats must be kept indoor or within cat runs to ensure that the native birds particularly ground nesting species are protected.

Q - Is the local area's infrastructure and services able to support the increased population from this development?

A - We have sought and received the necessary planning development approvals through the Alexandrina Council and State Government. These government bodies consider critical issues such as the ability for local infrastructure, such as roads and services, to handle the increased population as part of the approval process

Q - Do I have access throughout the wetlands?

A - The wetlands will be protected to allow nature to prosper in these areas. It will also be used as a seed bank for native flora and grasses. We will grant access for environmental groups and educational purposes. However it is important we leave the wetlands undisturbed as much as possible. A bike/walkway will weave through vegetated areas, running right up next to and over some of the wetlands.

Q - What will the open space include?

A - In addition to the wetlands, the Beyond development will include considerable open space in and around the residential community. This open space will include parks, BBQs, play equipment, shelters, bird hides and walking trails.

Q - Can I have a tennis court and swimming pool?

A - There is no encumbrance against the inclusion of such lifestyle facilities as tennis courts and swimming pools.